The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention – Oscar Wilde

Join Dyson Heppell, Essendon FC Captain, and either grow a beard or shave yours off to fundraise for Scleroderma! The campaign runs throughout June to raise much needed funds for research.

Friday 29th June 2018 is World Scleroderma Day. It’s a day when people from across the globe come together to raise awareness and funds for Scleroderma – including great blokes like Dyson Heppell who are shedding their beard for the cause.

Throughout June, Dyson will be joined by his little mate Harrison. Harrison is the youngest known sufferer of Scleroderma in Australia and is just one of two children worldwide who suffer from the rarest form of the condition at his age.

So we’d love you to get you on board!!

Grow a beard throughout June and get friends, family, work colleagues, anyone and everyone to support you. We don’t care if your beard is stubble or the good old bum fluff!

Or you might already have a beard and wish to shave it off.


Follow the information below to get going. Simple as that!

Decide how

Decide how you’re going to grow your beard.

From the creative to the more conventional, from short-term to over a longer period, there’s a way for everyone to grow a beard to raise funds. You may already have a beard and wish to shave it off. It’s completely your choice. 


Register your beard fundraiser.

Register your Beard fundraiser with us, We’ll put you on our Champions Wall and we’ll give you a link where you direct everyone to support you and donate.


Register Donations page

Register your donations page at everydayhero.

You’ll have to set-up a page where people can donate. Our suggestion is everydayhero. Simply click here to set up your donation page. The instructions are easy to follow and just add some brief copy of what you want to achieve.

Share on Social Media

Share your fundraising page and ask for support.

Share the link to your fundraising page with all your friends and family and ask them to show their love by donating to your event or campaign. Send them an email or post the link to your Facebook page or other social media channels.

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